Meaning of volatility

meaning of volatility

If you talk about the volatility of the stock market, stock prices are most likely fluctuating wildly. In chemistry, volatility means the speed with which a substance. In other words, volatility refers to the amount of uncertainty or risk about the size of changes in a security's value. A higher volatility means that a security's value  ‎ Volatility Arbitrage · ‎ Historical Volatility (HV) · ‎ A Simplified Approach To. A measure of risk based on the standard deviation of the asset return. Volatility is a variable that appears in option pricing formulas, where it denotes the volatility. Incidence and prevalence are two commonly misused terms that can be confusing to many people. The prices of some stocks are highly volatile. My Account Sign in with Google Sign in with Facebook or, sign in with email. A third factor is emotions. The volatility of a stock relative to the overall market is known as its beta, and the volatility triggered by internal factors, regardless of the market, is known as a stock's alpha. That is, during some periods, prices go up and down quickly, while during other times they barely move at all. Most popular in the world. Track today gold rate latest trends and news. Implied volatility describes how much volatility that options traders think the stock will have in the future. More from Financial Dictionary. Origin of volatile Expand. There are volatility indexes. Some people use the formula:. Volatility indicates the pricing behavior of the security and helps estimate the fluctuations that may happen in a short period of time. meaning of volatility In der Politikwissenschaft steht die Volatilität für die Unbeständigkeit bzw. Tools A A A A Language: Learn Lernen Neue Wörter Hilfe Im Druck Develop Entwickeln Wörterbuch API Doppelklick-Suche Widgets durchsuchen Lizenzdaten About Über Zugänglichkeit Cambridge English Cambridge University Press Cookies und Datenschutz Korpus Nutzungsbedingungen. It refers to the interest or dividend earned on debt or equity, respectively, and is conventionally expressed annually as a percentage based on the current market value or face value of the security. Such as a scale of ; a higher rating means higher risk. Scrabble Words With Friends.

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Risk vs. Volatility Dictionary Thesaurus Medical Dictionary Legal Dictionary Financial Dictionary. Mentioned in these terms. Basis Risk is a type of systematic risk that arises where perfect hedging is not possible. Sie wird vielmehr aus den Marktpreisen von Optionen abgeleitet. In such situations, the securities can be offered to a comparatively sm. It was a volatile situationand the police handled it .


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